Municipality of Talibon
Talibon Sneak Peaks


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• The First First Class municipality in Bohol 

• The 3rd biggest municipality in Bohol in terms of population which is about 65,690 people (70%-80% depend on coastal and marine products)

• The home of the late President Carlos P.  Garcia, 4th President of the Philippine Republic and 1st President of the Constitutional Convention

• Among our major industries are Farming, Fishing, Cottage Industries, Rice, Corn, Copra, Seaweeds, Root Crops, Fish Traps, Hats, Pottery, Silica, Gold, Copper, Clay, Diorites, Sand and Gravel

• Total land area of 22,400 hectares with 25 barangays (8 island, 11 coastal and 6 inland)

• Shoreline runs 66 kms with municipal waters encompassing an area approximately 70 km2, the largest municipal waters in Bohol

• Talibon is part of Danajon Double Barrier Reef area shared with the provinces of Cebu, Bohol, Southern Leyte and Leyte (CELEBOSOLE) – the only in Asia and one of the three reefs of this kind in the whole world


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Historical Background

Christianization of Talibon started long before the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565. This was gleaned from the archival researches of Rev. Fr. Jose Maria S. Luengo, Ph.D., priest historian and founder of the Mater Dei College of Tubigon, Bohol. In 1852, a permanent church was constructed now known as the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Therefore, the church of Talibon by chronology, organization and operation became the cradle of Christianity in Bohol. Over two centuries passed, Talibon as a parish was created under the patronage of the Most Holy Trinity. Fr. Ramon de Santa Ana, O.R.S.A. became the first parish priest.

Location and Accessibility

Talibon is located on the northwest side of Bohol. It is bounded on the east by Bien Unido, Trinidad on the south, on the north by Camotes Sea and Getafe on the west. It is accessible by land trip from capital Tagbilaran via eastern exits of Bohol Circumferential Road, which are 148 and 114 kilometers respectively or through the interior road via Loboc which is 109 kilometers. It can also be accessed by boat direct from Cebu or via Tubigon then by land from Tubigon to Talibon.

Talibon in a nutshell

Talibon got its name from the word “talibong” which means bolo or spear, the most common household implement in olden  times. But, some folks had more interesting account. They maintained that a Spaniard asked a farmer about the name of the place. But, the farmer who was cutting his pestle, could not understand the Spaniard. He thought the Spaniard was asking what he was doing, so he answered “talibon” which means he was cutting evenly the end of his pestle. From that time on, the Spaniards called the place Talibon.

Talibon gained prominence in history when it brought forth a very illustrious son, who became the greatest Boholano of all times. He was the late President Carlos Polestico Garcia, the fourth president of the Philippines. Until now, a century after his natal day, the memory of this famous son remains ever vibrant and fascinating.

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.