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Tourism Development Planning

LGU-Talibon now takes seriously its tourism pursuits and hired consultants to help the Tourism Planning Team in its development planning. The whole planning stage will stretch to 6 long months and the 1st 3-day engagement have been successfully tackled last June 7-9.

The 1st day covered the introductions and talks on tourism experiences by the consultants interspersed by energizers that broke the monotony of the talks and brought each member of the team closer to each other.

Members of the team where chosen for their field of expertise and interest in tourism; some came from the LGU; 5 Punong Barangays from the sites being considered: Balintawak, Cataban, San Agustin, San Pedro, San Roque; 4 members of the Sangguniang Bayan; representatives from DepEd and the Philippine Ports Authority. The 1st day ended like a breeze and then come the 2nd day.

The 2nd day was the most challenging and interesting part, for it involved the visit of the sites: Bongan Sandbar, Cataban Fish Sanctuary, Ipil River, Boardwalk, CPG Park and others. On board two (2) outrigger boats in the early morning, the more than 20-manned Team visited the Bongan Sandbar first, disembarked and made an ocular inspection. Viewing the sandbar has its effects, especially for the first timers. It is definitely one attraction to consider.

Cataban Fish Sanctuary is good for snorkeling but because the weather turned bad and the waters choppy, not one found an interest but gathered instead at the top of the guard house for a hefty breakfast of rice, eggs, fried chicken, sausages and more. It is a blessing that the guard house can accommodate more than 20 people.

The trip back took one (1) hour towards the Ipil River….towards the mangroves and the boardwalk. Because of the rain, the Team made it only halfway on the boardwalk and instead the group chose to traverse the river towards the Docking Area at San Agustin passing thick mangrove forest on both sides and intermittent fish pens along the way.

Large tributaries were seen that supposedly lead to San Agustin, another to the Municipality of Trinidad, another towards the area of the Municipality of Bien Unido and the one route we followed led to Barangay San Roque. Although under a cloudy sky, the view was superb and the experience exhilarating!

Sharing of insights and a short discussion took place before lunch was served at the house of one Jimmy Auxtero. Once filled and rested, the group proceeded towards the CPG Park and visited the infra-ready crocodile and bird sanctuary minus only of their occupants…plus more discussions.

Back to the SB Session Hall, the group discussed the merits of each of the places visited. The consultants stressed the need to visit and explore further all the areas visited, especially the Ipil River and its tributaries, and that more ideas will crop up after a thorough inspection. Although enjoyable, the whole trip was taxing and rest called for.

Rested, the third day was tackled with fervor. Discussion on the merits of the visited areas continued and was rated according to its importance and viability. The Ipil River and mangroves, including the boardwalk rated high in its viability yet a more rigid study of the places mentioned have to be done in order to reach a concrete decision.

Now comes in Cultural Mapping. The Team was divided into five groups and assigned an area for thorough inspection, taking into consideration old houses, oldest trees and landmarks; those that fell under the 50 years and above category. Each group agreed on field dates and was told to report on their findings during the next engagement which is scheduled on July 5, 6 and 7 of 2017. The day ended with a groupie. (ellenmarieobuno)









Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.