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On January 26, 2017 top dignitaries from the Provincial Government of Bohol, the DILG group from Bohol, Cebu and Siquijor, the PNP, Army and NGO came over to Talibon to observe the best practices in the implementation of the “Community-Based Rehabilitation Program Without Walls”. 

From the Provincial Government came Governor Edgar M. Chatto, Dr. Cesar Tomas M. Lopez, Liza Quirog (PGDH), Carmelita M. Tecson (PSWDO) and Party.  From the PNP came, no other than, PSSupt. Felipe Natividad (PD/BPPO) and escorts.  From the Philippine Army came Lt. Col. Jose Dodjie Belloga Jr, Commander of the 47th Infantry Battalion of Bohol and Col. Arnulfo Matanguihan, Brigade Commander, 302 Brigade and their escorts.

The most represented group came from the DILG family (group of 11) with Ma. Loisella E. Lucino (DILG-Bohol) leading the pack, some of whom came from Cebu City, Cebu Province, and Siquijor.

Although the visit came as a surprise, the Technical Working Group with Talibon PNP Chief Norman L. Nuez as Chairman and Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero as the Vice-Chairman was immediately convened by MLGOO Maura M. Justol and presentations readied overnight. 

Mayor Auxtero did the honors of welcoming the party and Chief Nuez and Ma’am Justol did the sharing on the Program by means of power point presentations.  Questions were entertained in between.   

After a hefty lunch, the visitors were guided towards two (2) barangays to witness a part of the actual implementation of Talibon’s Drug Rehab Without Walls Program: Community Service, Tree Planting, Interview, and Values Formation.

It turned out that Talibon now is the focal point for “Lakbay Aral” having been able to put up and implemented the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program Without Walls which was formed due to the concerted efforts of all sectors of the society: the LGU Officials and Department Heads, PNP, Army, the Academe, the Church, NGO’s and other sectors of the society including those in the Barangay level involving the Barangay Captains and Officials, Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Councils, Barangay Pastoral Coordinators, Chief Tanods, the Barangay Health Workers and more. 

The TWG acknowledged that there are loopholes in their program, and that there is still more room for improvement.  In fact, not all those who surrendered responded to the voluntary program yet the group is happy to have touched or helped a few who are now entering the next phase: availing of TESDA training and earning certificates for future livelihood pursuits.

The Governor’s group, PNP, Army and DILG will meet again to finalize a program, while putting into consideration what Talibon had initiated, as a common Drug Rehabilitation Program for implementation in the Province of Bohol. (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.