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Congratulations to the Talibon Boholympics Winners!!!

The Talibon Basketball Team presenting their trophy to Mayor Auxtero  accompanied by their Coach, Doy Ligan, Teacher Miasco of SJNHS, and Demetrius Evangelista, Municipal Sports Coordinator

The Talibon Basketball Team is again the CHAMPION in the recently concluded Boholympics (Aug. 11-14, 2016) under the 15-17 age category.  Congratulations to the team members: Vincent Eronico, Eduardo Y. Dolor, Jr., Brendrey Escartin, John Carlo B. Berong, Mark Ian S. Quiachon, Joseph B. Caturza, John Kirby B. Avenido, Phebo C. Aguhar, Jayson B. Evangelista, Joselito Y. Pancho, Gilbert Torreon and Wovenel A. Hoybia.  Congratulations also to Coach Doy Ligan!  Your patience and able guidance of the group led to your team’s gold.

Other Talibongnons brought home medals ranging from bronze to gold in two different fields:

Team Karatedo:          Ernesto Cagay Jr (1 Gold; 2 Silver)

                                    Joeren B. Evardone (1 Silver)

                                    Kimbert Crescencio (1 Silver)

                                    Kate Rose Flores (1 Silver)

Team Taekwando:      Maria Selena Avenido (Gold)             - Light Heavy Weight (12-14)

                                    Soren Jay Mosqueda (Gold)                - Light Weight (15-17)

                                    Jhon Kurt Econas (Gold)                      - Welter Weight (12-14)


                                    Chrystell Laine Mosqueda (Silver)      - Bantam Weight (12-14)

                                    Ma. Esperanza Karyll M. Buno (Silver)- Middle Weight (12-14)

                                    Cyrus Cortes (Silver)                           - Flyweight (15-17)

                                    Junel Busangilan (Silver)                     - Welter Weight (15-17)

                                    John Bernard Valmoria (Silver)          - Middle Weight (15-17)

                                    Charise Mae Berong (Silver)              - Poomsor Weight

                                    Rafael Turtoga (Silver)                                   - Poomsor Weight

                                    Charles Albert Astillo (Bronze)           - Light Middle Weight (12-24)

                                    Ralph Vincent Gentog (Bronze)          - Fin Weight (15-17)

                                    Alesar Garcia (Bronze)                       - Bantam Weight (12-14)

                                    Pauline Martinez (Bronze)                  - Fin Weight (15-17)

                                    Mariel Timbal (Bronze)                      - Light Middle Weight (12-14)

                                    Junelyn Aventurado (Bronze)              - Fin Weight (15-17)

                                    Niño Cristal (Bronze)                          - Feather Weight (15-17)

                                    Charise Mae Berong (Bronze)                        - Bantam Weight (15-17)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.