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Talibon has New PNP Chief

From left to right:  Mayor Auxtero, Chief Nuez and Chief Sanchez during their courtesy call.

After two and 11 months of loyal, active and effective service in Talibon, Chief Eduard A. Sanchez announced to the congregation present during the flag raising ceremony last Monday morning of July 25, 2016, that he will now be transferred to Cebu City.  Due to the new mandate, a new PNP Chief by the name of PSI Norman L. Nuez will take his place.

The day after, the new PNP Chief made his courtesy call on Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero at his office accompanied by outgoing Chief Sanchez.  We learned then that the two police officers were former classmates.  Chief Nuez hails from San Miguel, Bohol.

Monday morning of August 1, Chief Nuez was introduced to the whole body of LGU employees, including the police and BJMP force present.  Facing the crowd, he proudly announced that his mother is a Talibongnon.  He jokingly informed all young and single ladies that he is already happily married with two (2) children.  He exhorted everybody to lend a hand, report any irregularities, especially on drug cases; and that the police force cannot achieve much without the cooperation and help of all Talibongnons.

Chief Nuez is a multi-awarded police officer, as announced by Mayor Auxtero.  When assigned at Danao, the police station there was awarded the Best Police Station nationwide.  He also added that in terms of educational attainment, Chief Nuez is an achiever.  He was able to pursue further studies at the Asian Institute of Management.

Not all people can achieve such! And so, the people of Talibon look forward to a crime-free town under his jurisdiction which is a great challenge for a multi-awarded police officer as he takes the reigns of Talibon PNP in his hands. (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.