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Talibon PWD Day Observed

The third week of July was declared National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week by virtue of Proclamation No. 361 signed on Aug. 19, 2000, by then President Joseph Estrada.  2016 is the 38th.

LGU-Talibon, thru the MSWDO, decided to hold a special program for the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) on the last working day of the 3rd week of July, yet since July 22 is a holiday in Bohol, the program was held on the 21st. 


The day started aptly with a Holy Mass at 8:30 in the morning at the Blessed Trinity Cathedral which was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Gerson Justiniani.  The first to gather inside the church were the pupils of the SPED Class of Central Elementary School who donned their yellow and blue sports uniform with their teachers led by Mrs. Susan Arradaza.  Arriving early, they had their class picture taken at the altar.   

The Special Education or SPED Class is comprised of pupils who have special educational needs due to severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities or behavioral problems. Most them are deaf and mute while a few have the Down’s syndrome.

The differently abled persons slowly made their way to the CPG Multi-Purpose Center for the registration and the program proper.  This was the biggest gathering of the differently abled persons who are members of the Talibon Federation of Differently Abled Persons or TaFDAP.  Members came from the different barangays of the municipality.  Some of them came accompanied by their Barangay Captains.  Those present were given each a green colored t-shirt to mark the occasion. 

The whole day affair was a memorable one for the differently abled.  They were treated to morning snacks and lunch. The morning session was set for talks, dances and song renditions of selected persons. 

From left to right: Renato Judilla, Toting Quilas, Zosima Gabisan, Tatay Tongco, Cleto Garcia

Guests came from far-flung Tagbilaran City. Representing the Governor was Mr. Isabelito “Tatay” Tongco and with him was the blind President of the Bohol Federation of Differently Abled Persons, Matthew “Toting” Quilas. 

Mayor Restituto B. Auxtero failed to attend due to an important trip that he had to make to Tagbilaran City but Vice-Mayor Cleto R. Garcia was there to take his place.  Kagawad Junette Loma, Committee on Social Services that covers women, children, senior citizens and the family, was noticeably absent during the affair.  MSWD Officer, Ms. Zosima Gabisan gave the Statement of Purpose. 

Guests and participants were acknowledged by Renato Judilla, President of Talibon Federation of Differently Abled Persons.  He was appointed as the PWD Focal Person by LGU Talibon and so he joined the guests at the presidential table.    The whole program was ably guided by the emcee in the person of the MSWDO second-in-command, Ms. Alberta Lagumbay.

The VIPs took turns at the podium and all exhorted the disabled to uplift themselves and not give in to self-pity but to pursue further studies or trainings and not make their impediments a hindrance to their ambitions.

It is the government’s role to provide help to the PWD’s; to process, take care and see to it that all receive the benefits accorded to them, as imparted to them by Mr. Tongco.  Mr. Quilas discussed on the rights of the differently abled persons, as stated in Republic Act No. 7277 or more popularly known as the Magna Carta of Disabled Persons.  They were reminded to get hold of their ID’s so that they can avail of 20% discounts on all purchases and fares.  In Bohol, they are provided special seats at buses, bus stations, movie theaters and other public places.

It was a special day for the differently abled, especially for the 8 persons who received from the Bohol Federation, a wheelchair each.  President Quilas informed them that assisted equipment such as artificial limbs and wheelchairs are now available at the PWD Office at Tagbilaran City.  Promised 200 units of wheelchairs by their sponsors, the Federation President informed the crowd that more wheelchairs are coming.  To avail of them, names should be submitted thru the Federation.

This year’s theme: “Karapatan ng may Kapansanan, Isakatuparan….Now Na!” is true to its words! Aside from the wheelchairs, the Federation has been given a space by LGU Talibon at the newly vacated Sr. Citizen’s Office.  They now have an office that they can call their own; a place in society with proper staff that would look after their God-given and institutional rights!

It was a day befitting the PWD’s…..a day all their own.  And to cap it all, Congressman Aris Aumentado arrived, and after a short talk, gave their federation P10,000.00 cash.  For those present, it is …..”Better late than no P10,000.00 at all!” They went home inspired and realized that they are capable and that they can do more for themselves if they put their minds to it.  (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.