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Projects Multi-Blessed and Inaugurated in Talibon

After the election fever has settled, LGU-Talibon immediately went to work; preparing the sites designated for inauguration. At 10:30 in the morning of July 12, 2016, the following infrastructure projects were blessed and inaugurated: the Talibon Information Center; and the rehabilitated RHU building which would house the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA), PhilHealth and Post Office; and the TB-Dots Building.  

The Talibon Information Center is a Bottom-up Budgeting (BuB) project jointly funded by the Department of Tourism and LGU-Talibon amounting to P1.5M.  In fact, DOT gave a total of P3.5M for tourism projects. With a P2.1M counterpart from LGU-Talibon, additional projects such as the P1.2M Barangay Visitors Information Center, P0.46M docking area and P0.8M wild pig sanctuary at San Agustin were completed and only the P0.8M boardwalk at San Isidro is still on-going.

The renovation of the old RHU building is an LGU project with an appropriation of P1.5M. The TB-Dots building is fully funded by the Department of Health and LGU-Talibon spent an additional P0.3M for its improvement.

DOT and DOH sent over their representatives.  Standing for the Regional Director for DOT Reg. VII was Ms. Cynthia O. Monzon and for DOH, Simplicio E. Torreon (DMO IV of Region VII) who happens to be present to check on the Schistosomiasis Program of the Municipality.  Chief of Staff Isabelito “Tatay” Tongco represented Governor Edgar M. Chatto. 

The sites were blessed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Jim Camargo and a short program followed wherein three turnover rites were enacted: a) Turnover from DOH of the TB-Dots Building; b) Turnover from DOT of the tourism projects c) Turnover of the OSCA designated space in the renovated Old RHU building to the OSCA Head.  A sumptuous lunch followed afterwards. 

For documentation purposes, the DOT representative made an ocular inspection of the DOT sites after lunch.   She was accompanied by the Municipal Engineer, Engr. Lorenzo Flores, Tourism Officer Rachel Sayson, other LGU staff and a guest: Ubay Tourism Officer, Ma. Antonietta Acedo.

The group went straight to the docking area at Barangay San Agustin, boarded an outrigger boat and plied the Ipil River towards the boardwalk. The whole 1.5 kilometer boardwalk was trekked, back and forth, and pictures taken. Back to the outrigger boat, we plied the waters taking a different route, the point of the river that opens towards the open sea and docked at the Talibon Pier. (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.