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LPRAT on Projects Validation

The Local Poverty Reduction Action Team, otherwise known locally as LPRAT, held its quarterly meeting on July 8, 2016  at the CPG Session Hall to discuss on the status of various Bottoms-up Budgeting (BuB) projects implemented from 2014 to the present. 

Mayor Restituto Auxtero heads the team which is composed of the focal persons from the DILG and NAPC and the different Department Heads of LGU Talibon, specifically that of the Engineering, MPDC, Budget, Treasury, MSWDO, DA, MDRRMO, MLGOO and various Civil Organizations involved. This time, the newly elected Vice Mayor, Hon. Cleto R. Garcia was invited to join the group.

After discussing project implementation issues, particularly on the documentary requirements as required by the different line agencies, the group proceeded to the sites listed.  Compared to last year’s 12 sites visited, only 3 were on the list this year: 1) Construction of Talibon Fry Hatchery at Tabon, San Francisco; 2) Talaba Culture of the Samahang Mangingisda sa San Pedro (SMSP); and the 3) Rehabilitation of the Boardwalk.

Yet, due to time constraints, only two (2) sites were visited.  It never entered the group’s mind that visiting the boardwalk would take so much time.

The Talaba Culture Project by the SMSP at San Isidro was the first project visited and the team was treated to a sumptuous talaba feast there.  

From there, the group hiked thru fishpond paddies for more than a kilometer before reaching the riverside; boarded a waiting outrigger boat and crossed the river to the other side to reach the boardwalk. Two trips were made by the outrigger boat to accommodate everybody.

Walking the almost 2-kilometer bamboo path from end to end was a feat in itself.  Made from the hardest and strongest bamboo type, cut and tied up with nylon strings, the path was sturdy and you feel at ease trekking thru it.

Back to the river edge, and the first group having made it across the river back to the path we took earlier, our group requested the boatman to bring us directly to the BuB-developed wharf at San Agustin where we were supposed to have our lunch.  We feared the 1-km hike back to San Isidro where our service vehicles were waiting!  

And our unexpected river cruise was exhilarating.  It never occurred to me that the Ipil River is THAT wide and branches off to so many places.  The panorama was priceless!

It took us a-while to reach our destination only to know that no lunch awaited us due to some miscommunication.  And it was past lunchtime already!  With growling stomachs, the group proceeded to a downtown restaurant, ChelAnnes, and ordered lunch.  Well, the sumptuous lunch ordered by the MLGOO just made up for the ordeal.  We went back to the office full and satiated! (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.