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“El Niño” Food Packs Distributed in Talibon

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of Talibon initially distributed a total of 3891 food packs to selected constituents who were greatly affected by the El Niño phenomenon starting June 9 until the 14th.   Most of the packs were distributed at the CPG Multi-purpose Center while some were brought to the barangays and distributed there.  Each of the pack consists of 6 kilos of rice, 6 cans sardines and a 6.6-liter bottle of mineral water.

On the 9th of June, 4 barangays were served at the Cultural Center and a total of 1370 packs were given: Balintawak (311), Poblacion (298), San Francisco (394), and San Jose (367).    All the MSWDO staff was in full force, trying to contain and create order among the massive crowd.  Even the staff of the MDRRMO helped.

The following day, the goods were brought directly to Barangays Tanghaligue (313) and Bagacay (457) and on the 13th, 326 packs were distributed at Barangay Zamora.   Food packs were also distributed at the Cultural Center: Cataban (324), San Carlos (368), and Nocnocan (300).

On the 14th, the assigned staff of the MSWDO went to two barangays and distributed food packs totaling 433: Burgos (204) and Sag (229).  The remaining 80 food packs of the 1st delivery await Barangay Rizal.  Other barangays have to wait for their turn.  The Provincial Social Welfare and Development has yet to deliver the balance of more than 3,000 of the expected 7,845 food packs for Talibon.

The food packs received by the Municipality of Talibon is a slice from the 60,048 packs given to Bohol from DSWD as aid to those who suffered greatly because of the dry spell which pushed the Provincial Government to declare the province to be in a “State of Calamity” on April 7.  27 towns were most affected and agricultural damage is officially estimated at P312 million. (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.