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Team San Francisco Hailed as Champions!

The 2016 Talibon Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament was concluded late on the night of May 18, 2016 in a full packed CPG Multi-Purpose Center with two sets of games played vying for the Championships. 

The 1st game commenced at 7:00 o’clock in the evening between two teams representing Barangay Santo Niño and Barangay Poblacion.  Both teams fought hard, showed off ball handling skills and tried to steal balls from each other; every antic turning the crowd into frenzy.  In the end, Team Poblacion had the upper hand.

The game that followed was more intense.  Cheering was louder and more boisterous.  Both sides of the cheering crowd deemed the referee’s decisions to be unfair.  More often than not, they stood up for effect.  It was a fight between Team San Jose (Lancers) and Team San Francisco.  It was the final fight for the championships! 

The San Francisco team came out victorious only by a half shot or one point.  Calling it lucky or blessed, they lorded over the team who held the championship title last year.  Awarding of prizes followed immediately after the game with the winning team receiving a Trophy and a cash prize of P15,000.00.  

Left: Team San Jose (Lancers), last year’s champion who lost to Team San Francisco this season by one (1) point; Right: Team Poblacion ending 3rd. 

Team San Jose likewise received a trophy and cash prize of P10,000.00; while Team Poblacion and Team Santo Niño coveted the 3rd and 4th place while receiving P8,000.00 and P3,000.00, respectively.

The cash prizes and trophies were handed over to the winning teams by Town Councilor Connie Evangelista.  He was assisted by Demetrius Evangelista, the designated Municipal Sports Coordinator.  The Talibon Basketball Association oversaw all the games and fielded the duly licensed referees.  Other members were assigned at the table to monitor the scoring, the time out calls, referees decisions and the final results.

Sponsored by LGU-Talibon, the tournament was launched last April 30, 2015 as one of the highlights of the coming feast of the Blessed Trinity which falls on May 28.  It was participated in by the youths coming from fourteen (14) Barangays, namely: Bagacay, Balintawak, Rizal, San Agustin, San Francisco, San Jose (Lancers), San Jose (M-LAKSHME), San Isidro, San Pedro, San Roque, Santo Niño, Tanghaligue, and two (2) teams from Poblacion. (ellenmarieobuno)

Municipality of Talibon, Province of Bohol 2015.